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I want to take a moment to extend a special invitation to come visit our church and worship the Lord with us.

We know God is using many wonderful churches in a powerful way. We also know God has prepared a place specifically for you and your family. We feel a real call to help people get from their dream to their destiny.

We believe God has placed in you a destiny that needs to be developed and drawn out of you.  Maybe you've felt like you don't fit where you are or maybe felt neglected or rejected. There's something so powerful inside of you that needs to be drawn out.

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In the Bible, Moses was raised up to be a mighty man of God who was used in a special way. The name Moses means TO BE DRAWN OUT; and not only drawn out of the Nile River by Pharoah's daughter when he was a baby. [Exodus 2:10] More inportant than being drawn out of the river was the greatness that God was about to draw out of him. His calling was to lead God's people, the Old Testament church, out of Egypt.


I like pecans. And I've found that if I eat them and consume them, that's good. But in a sense I rob them of their full potential and rob them of a greater destiny. If they're planted and cultivated, they'll ultimately become a tree and the pecans will be multiplied. As a pastor, I know that some churches or ministries will consume your gift, but a plant cannot blossom without being planted. "Those who are planted in the house of the Lord will flourish."

If your gift is not flourishing, maybe either you're not planted like the pecan or your gift is being comsumed. Your gift needs to be planted, watered, and cultivated, but not consumed. And like Moses, God wants to draw out of you the greatness He's placed inside of you. 

The ministry here at Rehoboth is committed unto the Lord like an altar; a place where we can be altered into His image. The altar is the place of real encounters with God where God can meet with you. Altars were made first of broken rocks. The altar is a place where God can put together the broken parts of our lives.

Your dream, your destiny, and your calling may represent an unborn promise you're carrying within you. God wants to draw it out of you. In an atmosphere of worship and the Word, God creates the right environment for you to not just carry but deliver your unborn promise and bring it into fruitfulness. Our success in ministry is your success. We are called to facilitate and cultivate your gift. Don't miscarry what He's calling you to. 

Rehoboth Family Fellowship may be just the vineyard where you can grow, blossom, and flourish to become fruitful in the way He wants.

Pastor Phil Ligon

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