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“The Lord has made room for us, and we shall be prosperous in the land.” Genesis 26:22

The Call

The Lord began to speak to Pastors Phil and Dian Ligon back in November of 2005 to birth a local church in the DFW Metroplex. Hesitant at first, they began to really seek the Lord to make sure that this was truly what God wanted them to do. At the time, they were helping Pastors Steve and Diane Solomon and Riverwalk Fellowship in Haltom City, Texas. Pastor Phil remembers the range of emotions they went through beginning to walk this process out.

They found that it was okay to feel more horrified than qualified when God calls you to a work.

Once they were totally convinced that this was their next assignment, Pastor Phil met with Pastors Steve and Diane to submit themselves to the counsel of their pastors for wisdom and the next step.

God began to unfold the plan and reveal the purpose in the next few months.

The Birthing

On Sunday, March 4, 2007, they gave birth to this new work and began marching forth. God has been moving in a marvelous way with two services on each Sunday, and many are now calling Rehoboth their church. Even though this church is so young, we are already reaching out to two different prisons, two different nursing homes, and evangelizing on the streets each month. God is supplying a variety of praise and worship, and God is blessing our children’s ministry in a very special way.

The Vision

Calling All Josephs is a theme that seems to be a very big emphasis in the type of ministry that’s taking place at Rehoboth.

God called Pastors Phil and Dian to help reach and encourage the “Josephs” in the Body of Christ. It’s a call that really goes beyond the four walls of the church and into the community. They’ve noticed that there has always appeared to be many who receive from the ministry that can clearly identify with Joseph in the book of Genesis. Joseph was clearly called out from his family and separated for a specific assignment from the Lord that included a very unusual and difficult time of preparation. Pastors Phil and Dian have experienced this in their own lives and recognize it in many, if not most of those that they have the opportunity of ministering to. The Lord spoke to Pastor Phil and said that they were to receive those that the Lord sent to them as they were and simply help them get to where they need to be.

It’s all about pastoring and shepherding the sheep from the dream to the destiny.

Basing this vision on the life of Joseph we can see the series of trials and tests that take place along the way. The trial is for our character and the test is for promotion. Joseph is a fascinating study in the Word of God, and we can receive so much from everything he went through.

The process to the place shows the pain and the price he paid for being real and right in his heart towards the Lord and those around him. This story deals with the ongoing question, “Where is God when it hurts?” It’s how God is found in the center of the trouble.

“God is our refuge and strength; a very present help in trouble.” Psalm 46:1

Many incorrectly think that God can only be found when things are going good, but where there’s trouble, God can be found. He’s ever-present which means He’s abundantly available. Pastor Phil’s four-year old son told his one-year old brother, who was crying in the playpen, “Don’t worry Joseph. The Lord is with you!” What a profound and Biblically sound statement. In Genesis, we repeatedly read how God was very much with Joseph in his trial.

A big part of the remedy we need for our redemption is found in John 1:11-12. “He came unto His own and His own received Him not. But as many received Him, to them gave He the power to become the sons of God, even to them that believe on His name.”

ligon family 4

Verse 11 obviously refers to Jesus who was rejected by His own. The picture of rejection in verse 12 shows that to as many who receive Him, to them He gives the power to become. That’s election.

Pastors Phil and Dian find many in the Body of Christ who deal with rejection. You can see this even with Joseph, David, Moses and many others. But once we see who we are, whose we are, and receive Him with his love and acceptance, we can then obtain the power to become who God has called us to become. Get out from under all of that rejection and have our eyes illuminated to His glorious election and power to become!

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